Casino Blackjack Poker Shoe Cheating Scanner

Items: Poker Shoe Camera for barcode marked decks, poker cheat card scanner
Product: Blackjack Shoe Scanner
Origin: China
Material: Translucent Plastic
Available Colors: Black & Red & Blue
Scanning Distance:10-20cm, 20-30cm, 30-40cm,40-50cm
Application: Poker Games

Poker cheating Shoes hold multiple decks of cards and allow the dealer to distribute cards to the players quickly and easily. They also help to prevent players from catching a glimpse of the card face whilst being dealt around the table. Predominantly used in casinos

The Casino Blackjack Shoe we produce is a high-quality poker cheating card scanner that can be used in casinos.

Casino Blackjack shoe with long scanning distance is made from translucent plastic. The marked playing cards scanner can see the box and scan the playing cards’ barcode.

However, it is important to test the location where poker card scanners will be installed. The cheating card scanner will not read barcode markings if the scanning angle between the long-distance marked cards camera (and blackjack shoe) isn’t suitable.

This Casino scanner blackjack shoe, just like other poker card scanner cameras, can report every card point to you as well as the final result.

The 4 Deck Casino Grade Two-Tone Blackjack Card Dealers Shoe will make any player look professional. The Casino Grade Professional dealer shoes feature a thick, clear acrylic material that has rounded and smooth edges. Included is a heavy-duty black acrylic roller. This Casino Grade Professional Blackjack shoe is made to last.


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