Bullets playing Cards with Invisible Ink marking

Brand: Bullets playing cards, Bullet poker cards

Size : Poker size
Color: Red & blue

Index: Jumbo index

Material :100% plastic

Bullets playing Cards with Invisible Ink markings are becoming more popular in poker gambling. You will need special equipment to read invisible ink bullets cards, such as infrared contact lenses or marked cards contact glasses. The secret markings are hidden from other players.

Bullet poker cheating cards that have invisible ink marks are exactly the same as original poker cards. Bullet poker cheating cards can still be marked. You shouldn’t mix Bullets playing cards cheating with regular poker decks, as you won’t be able to tell which cards are Bullets cards. These Bullets poker cards can be used for many poker gambling games such as Texas Holdem, Omaha, and Baccarat.

marked playing ards with Invisible Ink

Comparison of Bullets Marked playing Cards vs Bicycle Prestige Marked playing Cards

Both Bicycle Prestige cards and bullet poker cards are poker-sized plastic cards that can be used for a long time. Bicycle Prestige playing cards are regular indexes, while bullet poker cards have jumbo indexes. The cards are made of 100% plastic so they can be bent easily without breaking.

  Their back designs are their representative patterns. Bicycle Prestige cards feature 2 angels riding. Bullets cards feature 2 bullets in their middle. While the main colors of Bullets cards are red and blue respectively, sets are available for them. Bicycle prestige is sold in a retail package. You need to purchase red and blue poker cheating cards with Bullets. However, for Bicycle Prestige poker you can choose the color you prefer.

Bicycle Prestige playing cards have more white space than Bullet cheating cards. Bullets’ invisible ink cards are clear but not visible to the naked eye. Our excellent Bullets poker cheating card will increase your chances of winning in gambling.


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