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Bicycle Rider Back Cards are magic cards. When these cards are manufactured, they have been marked on the back of the playing cards, which can only be seen through poker glasses, but others will not find out, and the cheating security is extremely high.

Bicycle rider back playing cards – the best marked deck and other poker cheating devices can help you win more at poker gambling.

Bicycle Rider Back Marked Cards have specially marked playing cards that can be used to cheat. These playing cards don’t look much different from regular Bicycle Rider Back Playing Cards, but they have special markings that help users identify the cards. These markings are usually printed on the face or back of the card and can be small cutouts, red dots, or other and other invisible ink marks, you need to use poker glasses or ink glasses to see


You need to wear infrared contact lenses or sunglasses to see the marks of the Bicycle Rider Back. As saw by the following image. Through the filter in the center of the infrared contact lens, you can see the marks very clearly.

Bicycle Rider Back Cards for Blackjack Cheating

For example, consider blackjack. Blackjack is a poker game in which players add up the points on their cards. Blackjack is the highest possible hand, called Blackjack, which cannot exceed 21 points. If you can know the hole cards in advance, you can see your opponent. Decide whether to get a new card. Playing cards marked Bicycle Rider Back can increase your odds of winning at gambling.

Infradred IR Marked Playing Cards


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