bicycle prestige plastic playing cards With invisible ink marking cheating

Plastic cards are preferred by professionals for their durability and flexibility. The durability of Bicycle prestige plastic playing cards is unmatched. This 100% plastic card is the only one that has a paper-like feel, allowing for easy handling and shuffling.

Bicycle Prestige Playing Cards are high-quality playing cards for a variety of card games including Texas Hold’em, Blackjack, and more. They are highly readable, and the material is more durable and waterproof than ordinary playing cards, which can provide a longer service life and a better gaming experience.

100%Plastic cards-Bicycle Prestige playing cards

Bicycle Prestige infrared contact lenses poker are the popular cheating devices in marked deck tricks. Bicycle, as one of the most popular poker brands, has been favored by poker players and magicians all over the world. Bicycle Prestige is one of the most representative and popular decks of the Bicycle brand. With great flexibility and unmatched durability, it??s the only 100% PLASTIC card but can offer a paper-like feel. Bicycle Prestige playing cards are available in poker clubs, magic shows, and gambling casinos.

Bicycle Prestige Infrared Contact Lenses Poker

Bicycle Prestige Playing Cards with invisible ink markings for cheating in gambling

Bicycle Prestige cards are marked with invisible ink and need infrared Contact Lenses to be seen,
Bicycle Prestige cards Infrared Contact Lenses are special infrared contact lenses commonly used in poker and gambling. The special feature of this contact lens is that it can filter out the visible light in the spectrum and only see the infrared spectrum, which allows players to see the infrared markings in other players’ hands to gain an advantage in the game. Therefore, this contact lens is also known as a casino cheating device
The combination of Bicycle Prestige cards, Infrared Contact Lenses, and various analyzers can release huge effects.

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