Bicycle Maiden Back Barcode Marked Cards for Poker Hand Analyzer

Product Information

  • Brand: Bicycle
  • Price: Chat Now For Price
  • Marked Type: Barcode Ink
  • Material: Plastic, Paper
  • Index: Jumbo Index, Standard Index
  • Application: Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Blackjack

Bicycle playing cards, printed by USPCC, come in both poker and bridge sized decks as well as specialty decks such as Jumbo Index or Low Vision versions for visually impaired individuals.

These marked decks differ from traditional marked decks in that their markings are five times larger for easy identification without straining your eyes. Furthermore, invisible barcodes have been printed onto all four edges of each card so it can be read with an external barcode scanner or phone poker analyzer camera.

Product Introduction

Bicycle cards, made by USPCC and widely popular worldwide. People are familiar with their design as the original decks are widely used and recognized around the world. Magicians especially appreciate this style for its ease of use.

Magicians often mark cards with invisible markings on their backs and use them during performances. Some of these markings can only be seen under specific lighting conditions, so selecting an appropriate marked card can make a huge difference in performance results.

Bicycle Maiden Back barcode marked cards for poker are an excellent choice for this purpose as they can be read using either a poker scanner camera or micro earpiece. Their invisible ink markings are five times larger than standard markings, enabling easy reading without straining your eyes – this makes quickly identifying cards easy astound audiences effortlessly and as this design lacks mechanical gimmicks or trim which could be detected by audience members.

Infrared Ink Marks

Bicycle Maiden Back marked cards feature invisible markings that can only be detected using an poker hand analyzer. No infrared contact lenses or glasses will pick them up; rather they must be seen through the playing card scanner and earpiece to be seen at all. Infrared marks printed with invisible ink can only be read with this sophisticated poker analyzer system.

This deck utilizes the classic Bicycle Maiden back and was produced and printed by USPCC. It offers the same quality as standard Bicycle decks, featuring their famous air cushion finish. Furthermore, its markings are five times larger than usual to help players identify cards without straining their eyes.

These cards differ from traditional marked decks in that they lack flashy gimmicks and remain unmistakably ordinary, making them the ideal choice for magicians looking to amaze audiences with impressive card tricks. Their markings feature graphic symbols instead of letters so they can easily be recognized from a distance.

High End Printers

Bicycle Barcode marked cards for poker can be used with any poker hand analyzer on the market, such as CVK, AKK or PK King. Marked using high end printers with infrared ink for maximum clarity and reliability – your opponents won’t even realize you are using marked decks!

These special Bicycle playing cards feature invisible ink barcode markings machined onto all four edges of the cards, detectable only by poker analyzer or external barcode scanner cameras; they cannot be seen by naked eyes and cannot be detected by ultraviolet contact lenses or sunglasses.

These marked cards for poker are ideal for performing various magical tricks. Crafted by one of Europe’s premier playing card manufacturers, these ungimmicked playing cards will amaze your audience without drawing undue suspicion from spectators. Their markings use graphic symbols rather than letters so you can read them easily as you perform magic tricks.

Work with a Poker Analyzer

This deck of cards is marked with invisible barcodes that can be read by a poker scanner analyzer and used to calculate who won each round, making this device an integral part of poker parties and an easy way to win more money!

Poker analyser are smartphones equipped with special programs designed to forecast the outcome of gambling games, such as blackjack and slot machines. Also referred to as winner predictors, these smartphones can pinpoint who will win each match within seconds without using additional detection devices such as infrared contact lenses.

Poker analyzers feature two perspective cameras designed to scan invisible barcodes on each card’s edges and interpret that data according to game rules, then display or send information via headphones or vibrators depending on your type of game.


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