Bicycle jumbo playing cards for Poker Gaming

Bicycle Jumbo cards are a brand of playing cards that are manufactured by the Bicycle Card Company. These cards are slightly bigger than regular playing cards and usually measure 3.5 inches in width and 5 inches tall. This makes them easier to hold and see in a player’s hand.


As a professional bicycle playing cards manufacturer, GPT company has created a Bicycle jumbo playing cards for magic poker shows or poker cheating games. Not like playing cards marked with invisible ink, nothing invisible is added to the back of the deck. Some of the decorations on the back of the poker have been slightly altered. For example, some colors can be lightened slightly, extra stripes can be added, the geometry can be changed from rectangles to squares, etc. These subtle alterations are difficult for the audience to distinguish and do not attract too much attention. Subtle changes in specific positions of the deck clearly indicate the rank of the card. Therefore, poker players or magicians can take advantage of Bicycle jumbo playing cards very well to build their careers.

Bicycle Jumbo Cards can be used for games that require large cards such as those for the elderly and people with impaired eyesight or special play such as in performances. Bicycle Jumbo cards have the same four suits as regular playing cards (spades and hearts, diamonds, clubs), and the 13 standard denominations from 2 (ACE) to 13.
Contact us, you can also customize the patterns and colors you like on the bicycle jumbo index playing cards.

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