Poker Cheating Glasses For Infrared Marked Playing Cards

Infrared ink Marked Cards Glasses is a kind of Poker cheating glasses. You can see the invisible ink mark of marked playing cards with glasses, It works with marked playing cards. Normally used in poker cards cheat. poker glasses cheating are great for both magic tricks with cards and poker trick detecting.

Infrared ink glasses are also known as poker cheating glasses, is a special kind of marked playing cards glasses for cheating. Ir sunglasses have red filters built into their lenses. This allows them to see invisible ink marks that are luminous and can be detected by naked eyes.

You can disguise the outside of these infrared sunglasses with a normal tint mirror to make it difficult for others to see. These infrared marked cards sunglasses can be used to detect invisible markings on marked playing cards. Ir sunglasses can be used to cheat on poker cards by detecting invisible markings on marked decks.

Poker Cheating Glasses

When used to cheat in poker games, the marked cards glasses are called Poker Cheating Perspective Glasses. The glasses will allow you to see the markings printed on the back of the cheating playing cards. The invisible marks (or marks) of numbers and suits are printed using invisible ink. This invisible ink is invisible to the naked eye and cannot be seen by naked eyes. The marks can be seen from a distance of 30-60cm before you are dealt cards. These invisible codes or marks will assist you in making your next move and will also help you win the poker game. You can buy perspective glasses online and offline at a very low price.

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