Auto Poker Chip Tray Barcode Cards Scanner

Items: Auto-scanning marked cards reader
Color: Black
Material: ABS Plastic
Scanning Distance:8-15cm, 10-20cm, 20-40cm
Work With: Poker Analyzer, Barcode Marked Deck
Model:100 Chips, 350 Chips, 500 Chips

The poker chip tray barcode cards scanner is the same as normal, but it has a great scanning lens that can scan playing cards for cheating.

These chip trays with scanner cameras are usually made of black ABS plastic. They can have an ordinary exterior appearance. People can’t see or discover the secret behind the mini camera lens.

How do you use the scanner camera to scan chip tray barcode cards?

The chip tray scanner can only be used in a very limited way if the entire poker scanning system is prepared well. This includes the poker analyzer, the Barcode marked cards, and this scanner camera.

The chip tray camera scans the barcode-marked deck to send signal data to a phone analyzer, which will then report the results to users. The user can either view the game results via a spy earpiece or directly from their phone’s screen.

One person used to inquire if he wanted to purchase the watch scanner analyzer or chip tray but not a phone. It’s quite funny because the phone analyzer is the essential part. The barcode marked cards and the chip tray can also be used as wireless cameras to scan cards for phones. They should all work together.

You can also customize the poker chip tray camera to suit your needs.

A. 500 Chips Tray Poker Scanning Cam

The 500 chips rack scanner camera can scan barcode-marked cards very quickly for the poker scanning system. This can then report on players’ game results. The poker scanner camera is located inside the black chips tray that will be installed at the poker table. This makes it easy for poker dealers to use.

B. 350 Chips Tray With HD Camera

The scanner for 350 chips with an HD camera lens has been improved over the original poker cheating chip box camera. It scans invisible barcode marks more quickly and accurately. It can also be used to install the camera on the dealer’s table to scan marked cards.

C. 100 Chips Tray Case Cheating Scanner

This 100-chip tray is different from other sizes. It can be used to store the poker scanning cameras and it can also be white. The case of This small chip, which has a camera to scan marked poker cards, is easier to use than the one that is installed at the tables.

This poker cheating scheme is available only to professionals. Contact us to receive the best service, chip tray scanner camera, and other products.


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