AKK A1 poker scanner analyzer barcode-marked cards in poker games

Model: AKK A1 gam poker analyzer

Scanning distance 20-40 cm
Camera: 1 camera Scanning
Application Magic, gamble, game poker

The AKK gam poker analyzer is the most popular poker analyzer on the market.

AKK poker analyzer can be used to accurately predict the outcome of poker games before they are even played. AKK A1 is the most recent model of poker scanner analyzer. It can detect cheating on barcode-marked cards in poker games like Texas Hold’em and Omaha.

The AKK A1 analyzers are comparable to other playing card analyzers. However, they have the following advantages.

First, the AKK A1 analyzer features a local dynamic scanning camera that can read barcode-marked cards much faster than if they are moving in your hands. This scanner camera scans marked cards faster than any other on the market.

gam Poker analyzer

Second, this analyzer has a one-to-one earpiece. This spy earpiece is not available to normal users. It allows you to see the results of your phone analyzer and other information.

These two points are very helpful. The high-quality, barcode-marked decks that are marked with barcodes are essential in order to work with the A1 analyzer.

AKK A1 poker analyzer can also be used to analyze poker cards and send messages. This phone has both fashion and multifunction.

We are a professional supplier of AKK analyzers and will have them in stock so that we can ship out your order as soon as possible. Before you send out your package, we will test it and set the correct games for you. We can also help you fix or change your device if it has quality issues.


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