Infrared Lenses

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Infrared contact lenses

Infrared contact lenses are used to cheat on playing cards. They are also known as spy contact lenses or poker cheating lenses. To see the back of marked playing cards marked with invisible ink you can use marked cards glasses and a luminous ink lens. Invisible kit playing cards are infrared contact lenses that see invisible ink, and can use card marking ink to write.
The omnipotent, playing cards contact lens gives you the ability to see all types of back-marked deck cards, UV, and IR ink. These contact lenses combine the most recent perspective technology and are suitable for all eye colors. They also have a thin , comfortable design. Our poker cards’ Infrared contact lenses protect your eyes from irritation.

Infrared contact lenses for sale at favorable prices

Infrared and invisible ink contact lenses can see through the markings of the poker cheat cards, as a professional manufacturer of infrared poker glasses, we provide customers with high-quality marked cards contact lenses at favorable prices

                  What is the working principle of infrared contact lense?

The special pigment has been used to create these infrared contact lenses. Infrared contact lenses, as the name implies, will allow you to see infrared light. These lenses allow the wearer to see objects or people around them in red light. This makes it easier to use low-light situations and night vision.