Poker Cheating Glasses

A recent controversy at the WSOP caused a great deal of discussion on poker cheating glasses. One player in particular, Valeriu Coca, was accused of using a special pair of sunglasses to view his card markings and the rest of the table suspects he may have used them for more than just protecting himself from tells.

Should Sunglasses Be Banned?

While many poker players believe wearing them is a no-no, there are some benefits to wearing sunglasses. First, they are a way for inexperienced or timid players to feel more comfortable at the table. Second, they can also help players who are converting from online games to live ones or players who feel overmatched or nervous.

In addition to protection from tells, sunglasses can also prevent players from revealing their dilated pupils when they get excited. This can make it difficult for players to fake their emotions, making it easier for opponents across the table to read their behavior patterns and make decisions based on that information.

Sunglasses can also be a good way to hide other signs of player collusion such as body signals or face touching and handshaking. Those are all common tells that are hard to avoid in a poker game, but with sunglasses, players can easily hide them without alerting their opponents.

These sunglasses are available in various colors such as blue, brown, sliver and green.

They are made with high quality materials and processed by a special coating. This coating firmd as a filter, which can make the light wave filtered.

The filter can be very effective in blocking the infrared rays and visible light. When they are reflected by the playing cards, the filter can reveal invisible marks on the back of the cards.

Another benefit of using sunglasses is that they can be worn at a long distance. This means that they are a great tool for reading marks on invisible ink poker cards that cannot be seen with naked eyes.

These poker cheating sunglasses are also available in various sizes. They are designed to fit most faces and can be found in a wide range of styles, including cat-eye, rectangular, oval and polarized lenses.

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Infrared Contact Lens

IR camera marked cards are another type of poker cheating device that you can use to detect the invisible ink marks on the back of your opponent’s cards. Unlike ordinary marked cards that can be detected by contact lenses or phone scanner, IR camera marked cards require an IR camera to be used.

When you are trying to see the invisible marks on IR camera marked cards, you need to wear infrared contact lenses or poker cheating sunglasses with an infrared filter. This filter can be inserted into the back of the sunglasses, so you can use it to read the invisible marks on the back of your opponent’s marked cards.

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