Infrared Contact Lenses

how to see invisible ink?

how to see invisible ink?There are many detecting devices available that can see invisible markings on decks marked with invisible ink. One of the most popular devices for detecting invisible ink is the invisible ink contact lens. This device has been favored by many poker players from around the globe.

Some people believe that invisible ink contacts lenses are harmful and useless. This is why there are inferior quality invisible ink lenses. In terms of clarity and comfort, wearing a pair in high-quality invisible ink contacts lenses is better than using low quality contact lenses. Wearing high-quality invisible ink contact lens in high quality does not cause irritation or inflammation.
Infrared contact lenses or invisible ink contacts are professional products for seeing marked playing cards. They are very effective and can be used with poker cards to see the suits and numbers.

The red and brown ink contact lenses will make your eye color a little darker than the original. This is almost impossible for normal people to see. However, blue invisible ink contacts lenses will preserve the original color of your eye. This is something that professionals, as well as ordinary people, cannot detect. It is safe and practical to use infrared invisibleink contact lenses and marked playing card for poker games.

Where are suitable to use IR contact lenses?

Infrared contact lenses are mainly used to detect marks and patterns on cards, so they are suitable for use in the following situations:

1. In Poker Gambling: Helping Players Build a Gaming Edge.
2. Poker tournaments: Infrared contact lenses help players detect marked playing cards, preventing players from using them to cheat.
3. Magic tricks: Infrared contact lenses can help magicians identify marked cards to perform tricks better.

How to distinguish good and bad infrared contact lenses

Material: High-quality infrared contact lenses are generally made of high-quality medical materials that will not harm the glasses
Transmittance: High-quality infrared contact lenses have high transmittance and can remain clear and comfortable when worn.

Infrared contact lenses Brands and manufacturers: Choosing infrared contact lenses produced by well-known brands and regular manufacturers can guarantee the quality and performance of the products.

Infrared contact lenses Price: While price doesn’t fully reflect the quality of a product, a low price can indicate an inconsistent or unreliable product. Therefore, when choosing infrared contact lenses, you need to weigh the price and quality, and choose the product that suits you.

How do I choose the best infrared contact lenses?

Infrared contact is very common in playing card games. While some are quite affordable, others can be quite expensive.The quality of the contact lenses for invisible ink cards is excellent.

Which one should I choose? These are four tips to help you choose the best one.

1. A good quality contact lens with invisible ink can clearly see the card marked with a luminous mark. They are able to see clearer luminous marks than lower-quality products. Some contact lenses are able to see invisible marks with the same marking deck while others can see shadows.
2. Professional infrared contacts lenses won’t change the color of the pupil. This ensures that no one will notice the lenses and protects the user.
3. Contact lenses of high quality are safe, clean, and healthy. They do not cause eye problems.
Fourth, high quality infrared contacts lenses will last longer. It has a longer life span. We all know that common contact lenses are monthly disposable lenses, semi-annual disposable contacts lenses, annual disposable contacts lenses, and disinfable lenses. contact lenses are the same. The better the lens, the more it will last.
Marked cards and infrared contacts lenses are always available for sale. Infrared contact lens prices are very competitive. Different infrared lenses are available to fit different eye colors. Your eyes will not change after you have used the luminous lensmarkingsee ink card can also buy infrared glasses to see invisible markings on cards. Please let me know if you are interested in playing cards with these markings.

Can X-ray contact lenses be used to view playing cards? These x-ray lenses are not available!
Some articles and man-made videos about X-ray contact lens seem very helpful. They are, however, not accurate at the moment. The so-called “X-ray” has technical limitations.

Contact lenses infrared used with invisible ink-marked cards are still very useful cheating tools