How To Read Marked Cards?

How to read marked cards? Many new players have this question. We must first understand what marked cards are. Then we will know better how to utilize them. Playing cards marked are generally the cards that have invisible ink applied to their backs or sides.

What Is The Best Way To Identify Cards Marked With Invisible Ink On Their Backs?

Let’s talk about bicycle marked cards that have invisible markings at the back. The marked decks of cards is widely used for private or casino games. They can also be used as magic cards in magic shows. When viewed by other players, they look just like original cards with no marks or traces.

How To Read Marked Cards

Luminous Marking Card For Contact Lenses

Glow in the dark playing cards always have some unique, different markings on the back. Since invisible ink is outside the spectrum of visible light, players will need the help of detection equipment. Depending on the type of glow sap ink used, different filters are required. Common UV filters can be made into contact lenses or glasses to read common illuminated signs. With these tools, you can see the glowing markers clearly and easily so you can get the most out of your poker game.

IR Marked Cards For Specialized Cameras

We need a specialized IR camera to be able to see the IR markings on the cards. The strong infrared filters in the cameras allow people to read strong invisible ink marked playing cards with the aid of a screen, such as that on a television, computer or phone. The strong infrared cards cannot be read with common ink lenses, or even sunglasses.

How To Read Side Marked Cards With Invisible Barcodes?

Card decks with barcode side markings are the dealer’s number one choice for Texas Hold’em cheats. The poker scanner camera reads the cards marked on the side and sends the signal to the poker analyzer. You’ll know who’s the winner with your bluetooth headset

How To Read Marked Cards
How To Read Marked Cards


Playing cards in a game of poker usually requires proper strategy to win, but now you just need the help of marking cards and detection tools. They are so secret and useful. By learning how to read marked playing cards, we believe you can gain an even greater edge in your game

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