How to Make a Marked Deck

A marked deck is a powerful secret weapon that can give you an advantage in any card game. However, preparing a mark on a legitimate deck takes time and skill.

That is why we are proud to present this great new deck from big magic brand Ellusionist. This deck has a simple yet powerful marking system printed directly on the backs.

An easy way to find the value of any card in the deck

A deck of marked cards is a powerful tool in the arsenal of magicians and mentalists. They allow them to read the value of any card, simply by looking at the back of it. There are many different marking systems available, but not all of them are equally easy to read.

Fortunately, there are a few great options for easy to read marked decks on the market. One of the best is the Orbit v7 deck from Chris “Orbit” Brown. This deck has a very simple, yet effective reading system that takes less than 30 seconds to learn. The secret markings are well-integrated into the design on opposite corners of the card backs, and use a cursive font style to disguise them.

Another excellent option is the Eleusis Marked Deck. This is a Poker size deck that looks completely normal to spectators, and has a very simple to learn marking system that works just as well from a distance as it does up close.

There are a few ways to prepare a deck for marked play, but most cheaters choose pre-prepared marking systems. Some of these are so well done that they’re difficult to spot by amateur cheaters. Others require a high level of skill to use properly.

The Nitty Gritty of the Markings

When you get down to it, there is a lot more to a marked deck than just reading the value of a chosen card. A properly prepared deck can add layers of deception to any routine, rescue you if a trick goes wrong and even give you a way to show a spectator their own selected cards.

There are two types of marked decks currently being produced commercially: reader systems and coded systems. Reader systems use a secret mark hidden somewhere in the back design that tells you what the card is. Coded systems use other clues or symbols to indicate what the card is.

If you are looking for a simple reader deck that won’t draw any extra attention, the best option is the Marked Maiden Back deck from Boris. This deck looks like a standard Bicycle deck so spectators won’t think anything is amiss. The deck also comes with free access to online videos that will show you some great ideas for routines that can be done using a marked deck. This is a deck that will serve you well and last you a long time. It is definitely worth the investment.

The Final Touch

There are a few things to consider when making your own marked deck. For one, you will want to make sure that the marking system is discreet and as close to invisible as possible. You also need to find a way to reseal the deck without leaving any evidence that it has been tampered with.

The tuck box on this deck has a soft white look with delicate lettering and patterns to create a very stylish first impression. The cards themselves are also heavily customized, with pips that stand out from standard Bicycle rider backs and a stylized art style that helps the deck feel unique and special.

This deck has a reader system that is well integrated into the card back design and takes less than a second to learn. It’s also nearly impossible for others to detect unless they are specifically looking for it, with the secret markings being hidden in all four corners of the card. You will be able to read the full value and pip of any card, even from up to a meter away! This is an amazing power that will enable you to perform some truly mind blowing magic and mentalism. The tuck box and cards are both extremely beautiful, but they also perform a vital function.

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