How much do you know about Juice Deck marked cards

Juice deck marked cards is a kind of cards that is processed by luminous invisible ink in the form of a jumbo on the center and four small fonts in the four corners.

It is widely used for poker cheating. It can be read from 2 – 8 feet away.

What is Juice Deck Marked Cards?

Juice deck cards are a type of marked deck that relies on shade technology. These markings are usually a shade or two lighter than the back color of the card, and they can be easily read from a distance. They also do not require special glasses or contact lenses to see.

They are easy to identify by the riffle test. This is a simple trick that involves flipping the entire deck through quickly with your thumb or finger.

These decks are used by a variety of magicians to help them perform card tricks that would be impossible with ordinary playing cards. They can even be used to cheat in poker games.

However, it is important to understand that not all marked decks can be read by a non-professional player without special tools or glasses. These types of markings are often harder to see than other types of marks, and they may require low lighting conditions or distance to be read properly.

The best way to find out whether a deck is marked or not is to check its markings yourself with the riffle test. If you can see the changes in the riffle patterns when you flip through it quickly with your thumb or finger, the deck is likely marked.

But if you can’t, it could be a sign that the markings aren’t as subtle or strong as they should be. Some marked decks can be spotted with the eye and even in bright lights, but others require special tools or glasses to be read.

There are many different types of juice decks on the market, and they all vary in strength and design. It is a good idea to shop around and read as much information about them as possible before purchasing one.

Advantages of Juice Deck Marked Cards

A juice deck is a special type of card marked with luminous invisible ink in the forms of a jumbo on the center and four small fonts in the four corners. This type of marking is very effective and has many advantages for magicians.

The first advantage of this type of card is that it is a lot easier to read than other types of marked cards. You can even perform magic effects at a much faster speed when using a juice marked deck.

Moreover, the marks on the cards are very visible from across a table. This makes it easier to perform certain tricks which otherwise would require a lot of skill and practice.

Another benefit is that you can use this kind of marking on all types of cards. This includes paper-based cards like Bees, Aviator, and Bicycles as well as most 100% plastic cards such as Copag, KEM, Gemaco, etc.

In addition, you can even use this technology on reverse and combination decks without compromising their appearance! This is very helpful for card flourishers and magicians who want to make their card designs more memorable.

The other major advantage is that you can read these marked cards from two to eight feet away! This means you can even perform magic effects from a distance without requiring any special glasses.

Whether you’re a beginner, amateur, or professional, this technology is an excellent tool to use. It also gives you a safety net in case something goes wrong with your routine. You can adjust on the fly to make the best possible use of your magic, and it opens up a whole new set of possibilities that you wouldn’t normally be able to do with regular cards.

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