Do you know the best poker sunglasses?

What are the Best Sunglasses to Wear While Playing Poker?

Reflection: Mirrored or reflective sunglasses are a popular choice for poker players as they block opponents’ eyes from picking up on tells and reactions. You may have trouble seeing your cards clearly if you wear too reflective lenses.

Comfort: Poker games can last hours so it is important to find sunglasses that are comfortable enough to be worn for long periods of time. You should look for lenses and frames that are lightweight and fit comfortably and don’t pinch your nose or ears.

Style: Although functionality is the most important consideration when choosing sunglasses for poker, it’s not a bad idea to look good and match your personal style. To find the right pair for you, consider the shape, color and design of the lenses and frames.

If you picture a poker player, your mind probably sees someone in a hoodie with sunglasses. But which sunglasses are most popular among poker players?

Poker players are known to love sunglasses and have good reasons. Let’s look at why poker players love to wear sunglasses at the tables and then see some of the most fashionable styles.

poker Sunglasses are a must

Being able to read the poker faces of stoic players is a key to success in poker. Obstructing someone’s view of your eyes can make it difficult for them to read what you are seeing. Sunglasses can hide what your eyes are communicating, but we don’t always see it.

We don’t spend much time looking into our eyes when playing poker. Perhaps your eyes are twitchy when you play well, or you open your lids a little more when you hold something that you fold. Shades can prevent anyone from seeing what your eyes are saying.

Get used to Shades

Because it’s not very common for most people to play in shades, it’s important that you get used to it. While they are learning how to play poker online, many people don’t have sunglasses. Wear shades to get used to the sun when you first start playing at casinos. You will notice a difference in the lighting, but also how it affects your view. It’s important to feel comfortable with this when you start playing serious tournaments.

Popular Poker Sunglasses

Robert Salaburu wearing sunglasses during wsop

Robert Salaburu, San Antonio, removes his sunglasses and plays another hand in the World Series of Poker Final Table event. (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

Poker Armor is one of the most well-known options for poker players. It’s a label created by poker players. They are the largest supplier of regular and poker sunglasses.

This includes options such as The Dark Vadar and The Bond, as well as The Secret Agent. It’s hard to know if there is any technology behind it. Each lens is unique because they are made with its own lenses.

The lens is a gradient with the bottom being almost transparent and the top reflective. This means that when you look at your cards it is easy to see the clear parts, but your opponents will be able to see the reflective upper part. This is a useful feature, but how unique is it? This feature could be provided by any shop that sells lenses.

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